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The Master of Water Academy SRD, a unique opportunity:

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The offer of Water Academy SRD for Short Learning Programs

"Sustainable and Responsible Development occurs when in presence of a personal felt and coherently practiced, daily basis human activity inspired by the values of Sustainability."
A. Leto (2005)


The Mission of Water Academy SRD for Sustainable and Responsible Development is to root and spread a new Water Culture, based on the awareness of its fundamental value for all life forms on our planet.

This is an ambitious goal, a long and complex journey that also goes beyond the overcoming of conceptual limits, ideological resistances and prejudices rooted in the course of the twentieth century that still resist and prevent the maturation of a new Water Culture. For this reason, Water Academy SRD is committed directly and in agreement with the Universities and Research Centers of which it is a Scientific Partner in various activities:

  • Promotion of International Symposia among Experts, Researchers, Scientists, Teachers and Representatives of the Multilateral Institutions
  • functional public events to the dissemination of scientific knowledge
  • publication of Acts, Research and Books
  • creation and dissemination of Documentaries and MMP (MultiMediaProject)
  • academic training and high education with the scientific design and direction of a 1st level Master
  • management training of public and private companies, and cadres and public officials through specific MOOC (Massive Online Operative Courses)

The Geneva Water Initiative: